How to Refund (SD Admin)


Refunds can be issued quickly and simply within the Administration dashboard with the following two things kept in mind:

The amount shown in your Next Deposit must be greater than the amount of the refund.
Why is this? Simple Donation has stood on a principal of only depositing to your bank account. Unlike other giving companies, we do not remove funds directly from your bank account without knowing that this will occur.

If you do not have the amount to cover the refund you have 3 options:

  • Wait until the Next Deposit >= amount refunded
  • Issue a manual refund - a check from the church
  • send a check to Simple Donation (extraordinary case)

When a transaction is " pending", it means the payment method used was a bank account (ACH transaction). It usually takes about 5 business days for the transaction to clear in our system, even though the person has probably already seen the money deducted from their bank account. Once the transaction clears, the state will automatically transition from "pending" to "succeeded". At that point, a refunded can be initiated, then it will take another 3-5 business days for the funds to show back in person's bank.
For some people this is too long for funds to be out-of-pocket. In the event a person can’t wait that long for a refund to be processed, you might want to cut them a check for the full transaction amount. It may be faster that way.

If the refunded transaction is an ACH, it must have cleared but you may have 1 option:

  • Refund a prior amount that is = to the amount given. The risk here is that if the ACH doesn't clear, you'll have refunded an amount that you'll never receive.


After logging into the Simple Donation Admin portal follow the steps below to quickly and easily issue a refund on any transaction.

  1. Click the Donations link from the left-hand navigation menu and then select a person's transaction from the Donation listing below. You can use the search tools to narrow the list as needed:
  2. Once you've selected a donation transaction you will be taken to the person's giving history. From the donations tab on the person navigate to the individual donation that you'd like to issue a refund for. Ensure that the amount of the refund will be less than the Next Deposit amount as noted at the top of the left-hand navigation menu. Click the "3-dot" action menu on the individual donation and select "Refund Transaction" from the drop-down options.

That's all it takes, it's just so simple!