Admin Notification Settings


You can have an unlimited number of administrators on your Simple Donation account. See this article as a refresher on how to Add an Admin or Remove an Admin User.
With each user they need to set their own notification preferences as it varies per user how they'd prefer to receive notifications.


Do the following in order to adjust your specific admin notification settings:

  1. Login to the admin area (e.g. https://{{your_site}} 
    Click the "Login Here" link at the top of this page.
    This login will send you a secure link to your administration email that's good for 30minutes.

  2. Complete the log in process by checking your email and clicking the "Administrate Account" button.
    Note: If you are past that you'll need to request another log in link for security purposes (see Step 1).
  3. Click on the Settings tab:

  4. In the Notification Settings area select the notifications you'd like to receive for any of the following types and click the "Save Notification Settings" for your admin user:

You will now receive any admin based communications from Simple Donation according to your selections.