Pull RockRMS Giving History / Contribution Statement

You can simply pull your existing giving history or yearly contribution statement by logging into your church's RockRMS giving history portal at: (example only) https://{{yourchurchurl}}/giving-history

Note: Each RockRMS church is unique in how they set up and manage their website but this will generally get you to where you need to go. Contact your church's finance team directly if needing further assistance.

  1. Log into your church's RockRMS giving history portal at: (example only) https://{{yourchurchurl}}/giving-history

  2. Click on the appropriate year under the Available Contribution Statements area

  3. You can print or download your statement as a PDF from the browser menu or pressing CTRL+P on your keyboard:

  4. If you need a statement for a specific period of time, such as quarterly statements, select the start and end date in the Date Range fields and click apply:

    You can then export the results in the list below to Excel for your purposes.