Pulling Giving History / Contribution Statement

You can simply pull your existing giving history (contribution statement) by logging into your church's giving portal at: (example only) https://{{yourchurch}}.simpledonation.com/

  1. Click the "Login Here" link at the top of this page. This login will send you a secure link to your email that's good for 30 minutes.
    Note: If you are past that window of time you'll need to request another log in link for security purposes.
  2. Go to your email and click the "View My Account" button to be logged into your account

  3. Once logged in click the "History" link in the top menu:

  4. You can print this history from your browser's menu or CTRL+P

    Note: If you need a statement for a specific period of time contact the organization that your gave to (church or non-profit) and ask them to create a statement for that specific period of time.