Create Contribution Statements


For non-RockRMS churches using Simple Donation there is an entire Contribution Statements system in place for your use. If you do not see this on your account management navigation, contact in order for this feature to be turned on in your account. Statements can be generated for any historic time span such as quarterly or yearly as needed.


  1. Log in to the admin area of your account (e.g. https://{{your_site}}
  2. Click on the "Statements" menu item in the left-hand navigation:

  3. Click the "New Statement" button in the upper-right, just below the search field:

  4. Enter a Name (friendly description for the statement) as well as Start and End dates for the contribution period that you'd like to build statements for:Click "Save":

  5. Once the statements have been built you can view the total number of statements created, total donations, and listing of each donor statement.

  6. You may also add a custom logo to your statements if you haven't done so already. Navigate to the "Settings" area from the left-hand navigation menu:

  7. On the Settings page you'll want to upload a logo in the "Customized Settings" area by clicking the "Choose File" button, uploading and then clicking "Save":
    Note: For best results this file should be a JPG or PNG format, no larger than 500px wide.After your newly uploaded logo has been saved you may preview the results by clicking the "Show current logo" button in the same Customized Settings area:
    Note: If the logo falls outside of the preview window this is an indication that the file (pixel) size is too large and may impact the generation of your statements (timeouts). Please reduce the logo file and re-upload.After having successfully uploaded a new logo file you may preview it by creating a contribution statement and downloading a PDF example for review purposes.
    Example Statement with logo:

For all statements you have the options to (buttons on the right of the statements summary):

  • Email All donor statements
  • Download a zip file of all statements (individual PDF for each donor statement)
  • Recalculate (re-runs the statements according to the date range)
  • Add a message to each statement (on PDF and email)

For each individual statement you have the options to (buttons in each Donor Statements row):

  • Download an individual PDF of the donor statement
  • Email the individual their donor statement

! IMPORTANT ! If you see multiple rows for a similar donor name this means that there is likely duplicate records for this donor (various email addresses). Contact us and let us know which donor profiles that you'd like to have merged:

If you do have profiles merged, you'll want to go back into the statement that you created and click the "Recalculate" button.