Multiple Merlin Widgets on a Single Page


Do you need to have more than one Merlin widget on a single page? This can be done quickly and easily with a slightly different installation method of your Merlin widgets.

If you aren't already familiar with setting up a Fund or a new Merlin widget with Simple Donation we ask that you review that process first here.


The standard installation script on the widget setting will not work for multiple widgets on the same page. You'll need to install these Merlin widgets using an HTML or Code block on your website editor (CMS). Any CMS that allows Javascript will work for installing Merlin in this method.

1. Add the script tag

Ensure that this code is pasted on the page you'll be displaying your multiple Merlin widgets, best at the bottom of the page body before the footer.

<script async src=""></script><br>

2. Add your widget links

You'll have to update the data-merlin-keys with the ones provided in your Simple Donation Merlin dashboard for each widget accordingly (replace the "abcb_1", "abcb_2", "abcb_3" shown in the example below).
Note: You will not have to declare a data-merlin-fund-id if there is only one fund available on each of the Merlin widgets. However if you have more than one fund available on a particular widget that you'll be adding to a multi-Merlin widget page, then that fund id will need to be added to the button in order for it to know which fund to designate to. Please contact for additional assistance with multi-fund widgets on a multi-widget page.

<a href="#" class="open-merlin" data-merlin-key="abcd_1" data-merlin-fund-id="2" data-merlin-primary-color="00bb46">Give to General Fund</a>
<a href="#" class="open-merlin" data-merlin-key="abcd_2" data-merlin-fund-id="4">Give to Fund 4</a>
<a href="#" class="open-merlin" data-merlin-key="abcd_3" data-merlin-autoload="false">Give to Missions</a>

Example widget multi-Merlin widgets:

East Cooper Baptist Church:

Lake Avenue Church: