Merlin Pay (Store) Mode


Do you need to take a quick payment for an event or single item? There is now a simple "pay/store mode" for Merlin which can be implemented quickly and easily.

If you aren't already familiar with setting up a Fund or a new Merlin widget with Simple Donation we ask that you review that process first here.

Requirements for Pay (Store) Mode widget is simply a single widget set up with a single fund added to the available funds section.

TIP! You may want to set a default amount on the widget if you are using this for a fixed event cost or a single item payment.


The installation script on the widget setting will not work for the Pay (Store) Mode. You'll need to install this Merlin widget on a separate page using an HTML or Code block on your website editor (CMS). Any CMS that allows Javascript will work for installing Merlin in this method.

Add this one line script tag somewhere on the page you'll be displaying your Merlin widget, best at the bottom before the footer.

<script async src=""></script><br>

Next add your widget link, you'll have to update the data-merlin-key with the key provided in your Simple Donation Merlin dashboard (replace the "abcb_3" shown in the example below).

<a href="#" class="open-merlin" data-merlin-key="abcd_3" data-merlin-autoload="true" data-merlin-store-mode="true">Pay Now</a><br>

Example widget set to Pay (Store) Mode:

Differences between a standard Merlin Giving Widget and Pay (Store) Mode:

BONUS TIP! Use a simple tool like to print out a QR code which sends someone directly to your Pay (Store) Mode widget for a "hands-free" event payment or item purchase experience.