Change Connection and Record Statuses for New Person Record

New Person records created in RockRMS from a gift via Merlin or Text-2-Give have a default Connection Status of " Visitor" and a Record Status of "Pending" if left blank in your Settings.

To change these defaults simply by logging into your Simple Donation account administration and adjust two small settings:

  1. Login to the admin area (e.g. https://{{your_site}}

    A. Click the "Login Here" link at the top of this page. This login will send you a secure link to your email that's good for 30 minutes. If you are past that you'll need to request another log in link for security purposes.

    B. Go to your email and click the "Administrate Account" button to be logged into your account

  2. Once logged into your account administration, click on the Settings tab in the left-hand navigation

  3. Find the Customized Settings section at the bottom of the Setting page
  4. Select the Connection Status and Record Status for any new person records created in RockRMS when a new giver uses a Merlin widget or txt-2-give and click Save.

    Note: The values populated for these settings are from your RockRMS instance. So if you'd like a new one you'll have to create them in Rock from the Admin Tools -> General Settings -> Defined Types page. Filter on the category of Person to find them quickly

Now any newly created RockRMS person records will have the Connection Status and Record Status that you've selected.