Merlin Stories


Merlin stories are a new way to give a potential donor the 💗 behind your organization's desire to support a need. Adding a story to one of your existing Merlin widgets is simple, check out the step below.


Setting Up Your Widget

How to create a new Fund and Merlin Widget is outlined exhaustively in this article. Here we are going to assume that you already have a fund or two as well as an existing Merlin widget to update for a story.

  1. Update your Funds (Merlin stories are attached to the Fund not the actual widget, we'll get into this deeper in a bit, stick with us)
    1. Click the "Funds" link within the left-hand navigation of the Simple Donation Admin Dashboard
    2. Click the new "Merlin Story" link to the far right of the Fund you'd like to attach a story to
      Note: If you see an image where the "Merlin Story" link text should be, this means that you have an existing Story on this Fund already. Click the photo to edit this Story.
  2. Edit the Merlin Story
    1. Enter the text that will populate the story for the Fund that will be available on your Merlin widget. Don't go crazy with the length as your main page should expound upon this story.
    2. Upload an image to correspond with your story text. A photo is worth a thousand words right? Someone famous said that once. (optional but highly suggested)
    3. Click the "Save Merlin Story" button to capture your changes to the Fund.

  3. Merlin Widget Setup
    1. Choose Funds:
        • Drag and drop the funds you want to display in the Merlin widget into the Widget Funds from the Available Funds section
        • Only funds in the Available Funds section are displayed from the Funds setup page
        • Order of preference
          • Top fund is default selection in Widget and for text giving
        • Note: Only funds in the text giving widget are available for text giving (not funds listed on funds tab - even if they have a key word)
    2. Save Widget Settings! (note this will not save the custom color, but does save all funds, functions, and logo):
      • Scroll and Click the blue "Save Widget Settings" button at the bottom to save the changes to your Widget funds.
    3. Click the blue "Preview Merlin" button to see your changes and amazing story.
      • Add a Logo (square or landscape transparent PNG works best)
      • The logo will be placed at the top of your Merlin widget to personalize the experience for your givers and provide confidence in the organization that they are giving to