Transaction Failures


We get it, failures happen for various reasons. Simple Donation sends out failure notification emails to the giver and any admins assigned to your Simple Donation account.

Simple Donation attempts to complete a transaction for 4 days after the initial failure and then again on the normally scheduled day if it's recurring. The number of 4 retries is used because research shows that it is the optimal number of retries to ensure success. If the number of retries is limited or reduced the outcome would likely be negative for your organization. If scheduled payment is cancelled or the payment method edited, failure notification emails will stop being sent. The max number of failure emails any given individual would receive for a single transaction or a recurring payment will be 5.

Example generic failure notification email:

Example RockRMS System Communication failure notification email:

Adjusting the Notification Email Template

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools - Communications - System Communications
  2. Find the 3 templates that drive failed transactions (can be filtered on the Finance category):
    1. Simple Donation ACH Declined
    2. Simple Donation Card Declined
    3. Simple Donation No Payment
  3. You may edit the templates for the following reasons:
    1. Enter a From Name and From Address (email) so that these emails are more personalized to your organization and will as likely get marked as spam in giver email inboxes
    2. Add additional people to receive these emails outside of being an admin on your Simple Donation account by entering their email addresses into the template BCC list (found in the "Show Additional Fields" setting):