Setting Up Multiple Accounts


You may want or need multiple Simple Donation accounts for various reasons:

  • Account separation needed for each campus but single RockRMS instance
  • A separate 501-3c entity such as a school, a missions organization, or other needs

Note: If you are using a single RockRMS Simple Donation or core Transaction Entry block you cannot assign separate gateways to separate RockRMS accounts on the single entry form.
In order to utilize separate gateways you must have a Transaction Entry block assigned with the gateway of your choosing on an individual page and select the funds of your choosing on the block.

Using a single Simple Donation Registration Entry block with multiple gateways is sufficient since the individual gateway is chosen at the registration template level.


  1. Set up a new Simple Donation account, the Donation URL must differ from your existing account.
  2. Once your additional account has been approved and activated they will be combined for 
  3. In RockRMS set up a new Financial Gateway:
    1. Navigate to Admin Tools - > System Settings - > Financial Gateways
    2. Click the " + " in the grid list of gateways to add a new Financial Gateway into your RockRMS instance:
    3. Add a unique Simple Donation XXXXXXX name for your new gateway
    4. Select the "Simple Donation Gateway" in the Gateway Type field
    5. Enter your API Key, Domain, Currency, Stripe API Key from your new Simple Donation account into the field accordingly:


  1. Using multiple gateways for separate campuses:
  2. Using multiple gateways for separate non-profit organizations: