Kiosk Setup


The following steps provide you with a simple way to set up your funds and kiosk settings to use with the Simple Donation iOS app.

a simple way to give on site

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The Simple Donation Kiosk App is built specifically for an Apple iPad. You can certainly BYOI (bring your own iPad). We just ask that you ensure that it can be updated and running the latest version of iOS. The following items are to ensure a smooth giving experience for a physical giving kiosk.

Device Amount Link Need
Apple iPad 9.7" $329.00 Required
BBPOS Card Reader * $67.00 Required
Vault Enclosure $175.00 Optional
Vault Base $52.00 Optional
Vault BBPOS Bracket $48.00 Optional
Total $671.00    

Simple Donation Kiosk Setup

  1. Set up your Funds (prerequisite before beginning Kiosk Setup)
    1. Click the "Funds" link within the Simple Donation Admin Dashboard
    2. Enter a Fund Name
    3. Click the "Add New Fund" button and your new fund will be added to the list of available funds below
    4. Arrange your funds, Show/Hide, add Text Keyword (optional), and match with existing RockRMS funds as needed:
      • RockRMS churches have funds & names automatically transfer into SD admin. Simply select the RockRMS fund to correspond with your newly created SD fund

  2. Create a Kiosk Setting
    1. Click the "Kiosk" link within the Simple Donation Admin Dashboard (here you will see a list of existing Kiosk settings to manage)
    2. Click the "Create Kiosk Setting" button and you will be taken to the Kiosk Setting management page
    3. If returning to edit an existing Kiosk Setting click on one of the available Key links and you will be taken to the Kiosk Setting management page for that specific Kiosk

  3. Kiosk Settings Setup
    1. Choose Funds (Step 1):
        • Drag and drop the funds you want to display in the Kiosk into the Kiosk Funds from the Available Funds section
        • Only funds in the Available Funds section are displayed from the Funds setup page
        • Set order of preference
          • The top fund is the default fund selection in Kiosk
    2. Choose Functions (Step 2):
      • Description: Add a friendly "internal" name to your kiosk in order to distinguish many kiosks on your Kiosk administration page
      • Show Cover the Fee:
        • Hides the ability to cover fees if unchecked; we suggest enabling this as it reduces overall costs as many givers convert their gifts to cover these fees
      • Default Checked Cover the Fee:
        • Sets the Cover the Fee selection by default
    3. Click the "Save Kiosk Settings" to save your Kiosk Settings!

Simple Donation Kiosk iOS App Setup

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded and installed our free Kiosk iOS app on your iPad here: Simple Donation iOS app
  2. Ensure that you have updated to the latest version of iOS available for your device.
  3. Enter the kiosk Key for the Kiosk that was previously set up in the Simple Donation administration
  4. Ensure that you have done the following in order to properly connect your Chip Reader:
    1. Fully charge your reader before beginning the connection process
    2. Ensure that iPad has internet connectivity (not just wifi, but can you open a website from the browser)
    3. Turn on bluetooth and ensure that the chip reader is not connected (if under my devices, make sure you forget devices and that it shows up under other devices and do NOT connect it)

      Note: If the Chip Reader is connected to the iPad via the standard bluetooth connection prior to attempting the connection from within the app your connection will fail.

    4. Navigate to the Simple Donation Kiosk Giving App and enter using your key
    5. Hold down 2 fingers in the bottom right hand corner for 5 seconds to get into the app console:
    6. Scroll down and click the green Connect button to connect the reader:

      Upon connection it may prompt you to accept Location services; select Okay and continue.
      If you have any challenges with connecting the Chip Reader to the app try the following:
      1. Uninstalling the Simple Donation Kiosk App
      2. Ensure that the Chip Reader device has been removed from the bluetooth settings device list
      3. Reinstall the Simple Donation Kiosk App
      4. Reenter the appropriate kiosk Key
      5. Repeat the initial steps above for connecting the Chip Reader to the app
  5. You may now go to the main giving screen of the app and give by swiping a credit card: