Resources to Ensure a Successful Giver Migration

Migration Resources (Video Announcements)

Migration Resources (Email / Website Language)

It is important to explain the why's and how's of any transition to your givers. Below are some examples and best practices in order to manage this communication.

Communicate to your donors that there is a new system (including some of the why behind the change) and that if they have recurring gifts that they need to update their ACH or CC payment information. You can also explain the benefits of their gifts going further for the church if they choose to switch to an ACH payment method as well as covering the fee for the church if that's an option you are providing your givers.

We recommend that this be communicated by email and also on the church's giving page.

Note: Follow up with additional emails to those with recurring gifts until they confirm their payment details on the existing imported schedule is a best practice. Once those recurring gifts are down to a manageable amount, you can call them and verbally ask those who haven't acted in response to the emails if they need additional assistance in setting up a payment method or if you may now delete their old recurring gifts.

Email Communication:

The recurring/scheduled transactions transition is seamless to your donors. Most churches opt to communicate about the change.
Here's an example of how Bayside Church communicated about the change via email:

Website Communication:

Here's an example of how Bayside church communicated the transition on their website:

Example Email Templates

Recurring Gift Update Template Examples:
Updated Recurring Gift Receipt Email Examples:
Giving Transition Email Examples: