Funds and Merlin Widget Setup

Setup video

  1. Set up your Funds (prerequisite before beginning Merlin Installation)
    1. Click the "Funds" link within the Simple Donation Admin Dashboard
    2. Enter a Fund Name
    3. Click the "Add New Fund" button and your new fund will be added to the list of available funds below
    4. Arrange your funds, Show/Hide, add Text Keyword (optional), and match with existing RockRMS funds as needed:
      • Best practice is to separate Main Giving and Text Giving Merlin widgets
      • RockRMS churches have funds & names automatically transfer into SD admin. Simply select the RockRMS fund to correspond with your newly created SD fund

  2. Create Merlin Widget
    1. Click the "Merlin" link within the Simple Donation Admin Dashboard (here you will see a list of existing Merlin widgets to manage)
    2. Click the "Create Widget" button and you will be taken to the Widget management page
    3. If returning to edit an existing widget click on one of the available Key links and you will be taken to the Widget management page for that specific widget

  3. Merlin Widget Setup
    1. Choose Funds (Step 1):
        • Drag and drop the funds you want to display in the Merlin widget into the Widget Funds from the Available Funds section
        • Only funds in the Available Funds section are displayed from the Funds setup page
        • Order of preference
          • Top fund is default selection in Widget and for text giving
        • Note: Only funds in the text giving widget are available for text giving (not funds listed on funds tab - even if they have a key word)
    2. Choose Functions (Step 2):
      • Description: Add a friendly "internal" name to your widget in order to distinguish many widgets on your Merlin administration page
      • Default Recurring:
        • Choose the default gift type between One-time vs Monthly
      • Top Level Recurring Button Label:
        • Choose the default button text for a recurring gift (default is Monthly):Below is an example of how each option displays on a completed widget:
      • Show Cover the Fee:
        • Hides the ability to cover fees if unchecked; we suggest enabling this as it reduces overall costs as many givers convert their gifts to cover these fees
      • Upsell to Monthly:
        • This function displays an additional screen after the one-time transaction has completed to ask the giver if they want to convert this one-time gift to a recurring monthly gift
      • Default Checked Cover the Fee
        • Sets the Cover the Fee selection by default
      • Starting Donation Amount:
        • Sets a base starting amount in the Merlin widget
        • Note: The giving amount buttons will adjust dynamically for each giver over time
      • Manage Giving URL:
        • The external/public page givers will be linked to in order to manage/edit their gifts (this defaults to Simple Donation donor login if not using RockRMS)
        • Note: This link is used to set the “Manage online giving here” link below the widget

    3. Choose Design and Implement (Step 3) - Look & Feel:
      • Add a Logo (square or landscape transparent PNG works best)
      • The logo will be placed at the top of your Merlin widget to personalize the experience for your givers and provide confidence in the organization that they are giving to
    4. Save Widget Settings! (note this will not save the custom color, but does save all funds, functions, and logo)

    5. Select a color from the Custom Color picker: sets the primary button colors in Widget 
      • Note: This only temporarily adjusts the Install script and does not save with the widget (will not display color change if using the Preview Merlin button)

    6. Installation Instructions for website:
      • Click the "Copy" button or select/highlight and copy the Install Instructions script. Paste this script into an HTML editor on your CMS
        • Note: Your website CMS must allow javascript in order for the Merlin Widget to properly work
      • A new Merlin Block is available for church using the RockRMS plugin v1.15.1 Only the widget Key is needed (no install script necessary)

      • DONE! Congrats, it's just that easy to set up and install a Merlin giving widget on your website

      • Additional Installation Options (advanced):
        • You may be as creative as you'd like for your Merlin giving button by styling the class with <style> .open-merlin { } </style>
        • Custom button examples:

        • Auto launch of widget using RockRMS (legacy / non-Merlin Block):
          • <script type="text/javascript">
                var personId = {{ personId | First | ToJSON }};
                var baseAmount = {{ baseAmount | First | ToJSON }};
                window.simpleDonationMerlinSettings = {
                    personId: personId['SimpleDonationPersonId'],
                    baseAmount: baseAmount['BaseAmount'],
                    open: true
        • Auto launch of widget non RockRMS website CMS:
          • <script type="text/javascript">
                window.simpleDonationMerlinSettings = {
                    open: true